A Very Partial Accounting

The people funnier than you are. The people who think they are but aren’t. The people who aren’t. The people with better social skills who intimidate you. The people with better social skills who put you at ease and make you feel capable. The people more awkward than you are that you’re thankful for…and the little shock, if you’re used to being the slightly awkward one, of realizing, that to that person, you’re the “together” one. The weird shift in identity that takes place on the fly in these situations. The couples with a better rapport. The couples who bitch in public, a lot of drama. The couples where the man is the stronger personality. The couples where the woman is. The couples where strange things emerge when one or both are drunk or high, little, dangerous, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf things. The couples where the husband and wife seem almost like brother and sister, either in looks, or in demeanor. The couples that are hard to pin down, enthusiastic sometimes, sad-seeming others. The couples who are very proud of their sexual hijinks. The couples who never mention that at all but who sometimes brim with lust for each other, a look at a campfire, subtle massage on the neck, noticed. The single people happy to be single, after much dissatisfaction in relationships…secular nuns or priests who get what they need from friends, sleep around here and there, free as a bird. The single people trying, but not that hard, who vaguely want someone. The desperate single people. The desperate married people. The divorced people with kids trying to stitch parent-life and dating life together. The divorced people not really dating.

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